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Disability Awareness Day

Disabled community group photograph

Sunday 12th of July marks the 24th anniversary of the annual Disability Awareness Day (DAD) event at Walton Hall Gardens in Warrington, Cheshire. The event aims to bring the disabled community together to provide a platform to promote information, dispel myths, misconceptions and the often stigmatised association to mobility aides.

When was Disability Awareness Day created?

Head Ranger Nick White of Walton Hall Garden’s created the event in 1992 when he discovered there was extra budget leftover and wanted to invest it into a disability scheme dedicated to providing information to the public. Since then, the DAD event has grown to become the world’s largest voluntary led disability event and has inspired people across the globe to run similar events in places as far as India, Denmark, Sweden and more.

What is their aim?

  • The over-arching aim is to educate and inspire the disabled community. There are 3 main aims of the event:
  • To highlight statutory, private or voluntary services that are available to enable disabled people to stay independent.
  • To promote equipment and aides that can maintain or improve independence.
  • Provide an opportunity to showcase the capabilities of the less-mobile in fields of sport, arts and entertainment.
  • Build relationships and network within the community

What does the day involve?

In the lead up to ‘The Big Event’, there is a week-long event calendar including everything from BBQs, Quiz and Charity auctions to outdoor theatre productions and big band performances. Ending the week-long fanfare is the main event that is Disability Awareness Day which brings businesses and family based charities together to educate and entertain.

Fencing at Disability Awareness Day Event

How can I be a part of it?

The day is open from 10am to 5pm and free for everyone to attend. The whole day is fun for all ages, with specific entertainment catered to children that include circus tricks and zoo animals to keep the kids pleased.

For those unable to attend the event, you can still do your part by bringing awareness to this event and the main point of the day which is to raise awareness and reduce the stigmatised mark within society of those with mobility impairments.

To join in on the conversation, follow us on G+ and Twitter and tell us how you plan to bring light to this day.

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