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Five Tips to Improve Access in your Home

Carer's hand on an elderly

With cold weather hitting most of the country, many people have been stuck in their homes and this looks set to continue for some time yet.

To be comfortable in your home is more important than ever during the freezing months and for many a warm blanket and a crank of the thermostat are not the only elements that require consideration.

If you suffer mobility problems from disability or old age then a home which is difficult to get around can make for a very uncomfortable living situation. Luckily, with just a few changes to your home there is the opportunity to improve access to ensure comfortable living. With this in mind, below are the top five tips in how to improve access in your home.

Ways to improve access in your home

1. Handrails: Having confidence in moving around from room to room is something most take for granted and with just a few minor and simple adjustments it can be the case for all. Installing handrails in the corridor and essential areas of the house such as the bathroom (next to the toilet and bath), living room (next to chairs and appliances you use) and the kitchen (near tables and cooking area) you can boost your confidence and perform daily movement duties with added security.

2. Stair lift: Most with limited mobility would prefer to have a home that is all on one floor. However, this move may not be financially viable for most and the dread of walking up the stairs for daily tasks becomes a troublesome part of life. If you are unstable, then walking up the stairs can be difficult. With a stair lift this daily worry can be diminished and the second floor can become part of the home again.

3. Improve the bathroom: Personal hygiene is a sensitive issue for those with limited ability but with a few small changes to the bathroom there is the potential to make this cleaning space a room full of convenience. An easy access shower, walk in bath or transferring the bathroom to a wet room are all possible elements that can be considered. By having an easy route in and out of the cleaning area it ensures comfortable personal hygiene and helps avoid any sensitive situations to keep yourself comfortable in your home this winter.

shower with wheelchair access

4. Clean the house out: It will be surprising how much clutter has been built up in your home over the years and how much that clutter is affecting access around the home. Remove any unwanted tables, chairs, shelves etc throughout the house to give as much space as possible when moving. Having as much free space as possible will allow comfortable breathing space to move around the home, no matter how awkward the movement is, so get de-cluttering today!

5. Entrance into the home: Improve the access for getting in and out of the home. With a ramp, handrail or improved door it will allow for an easier and swifter exit or entrance. It is all well and good being comfortable inside the home but you also want to be able to make the most of the outdoors when the weather allows.