What size of bath is best?

Baths and showers come in many shapes and sizes. In the past, you may have opted for a shower thinking your bathroom would be too small for a bath. Our ultra-compact option, the Oasis, may change your mind. Half the length of a traditional bath, but twice as deep, it allows for a deep soak in a small space. The contoured, slip-resistant seat will ensure you are completely supported.

The Cove and the Tranquillity are also popular compact options. The Cove comes with an optional shower canopy, so the bathtub can be used as an easy access shower, complete with an adjustable shower head. The Tranquillity has the lowest door entry of any walk-in bath in the UK and a wide opening door.

The Assure is also on the smaller side. It has an inward-opening door with low-level step and comes with two seating options: the standard bath seat or an extension seat. Or, if you have a standard bathroom layout, you may be interested in our Sanctuary model. This also comes with an optional shower canopy and adjustable shower head. Finally, the extra-deep, slip-resistant seat design of the Haven offers the best in comfort and practicality.

If size isn’t a worry for you and you have plenty of space to play with, we have several standard full-length and larger walk-in baths available. The Empower is a full-length bath with low-level access and a Simple Lift power seat (available as part of two removable seat options). It also comes with optional Hydrovescent and Chromotherapy systems. The Momentum is also full-length and incorporates the Simple Lift powered seat to ensure you are safely lifted in and out and over the side of the bath. Space is a common obstacle and individuals often feel they must choose between a bath or a shower. The Paradise combats this issue. ‘P’ shaped, it combines the pleasure of bathing with the practicality of showering.

All our baths also come with the option of a shower canopy. Choose from four different shower heads to complete your bath and shower combination.

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