What is the smallest shower tray you can do?

The smallest shower trays we offer have dimensions of 800mm x 800mm (Enrapture) or 990mm 990mm x 760mm (Cove).

 In some cases, we can trim these models down to enable them to fit into smaller bathrooms. If you’re worried about space, why not book a free, no-obligation survey to discuss your installation options.

At Premier Care, we understand that bathrooms come in all shapes and sizes – and are confident that we have a shower tray that will suit your space. Finding the right shower tray is crucial to building a bathroom that suits your needs. Since every bathroom is unique – and our shower trays come in all shapes and sizes – it isn’t necessarily as simple as picking a product out of a pamphlet. We offer square (Enrapture), rectangular (Enrapture, Restore, Refresh) and alcove or corner showers (Enrapture, Revive) as well as quadrant and offset quadrant models (Invigorate).

Read on, as we break down everything you need to know about shower trays.

How do I know which shape will suit my bathroom best?

Quadrant shower trays feature a curved front – meaning they can comfortably fit into bathroom corners and are a great option for less spacious bathrooms. Those who have limited space to work with but want to enjoy a more luxurious shower experience may want to consider an offset quadrant shower tray – which combines straight and curved edges to open more showering space. That said, quadrant showers tend to offer less shower space than square or rectangular shower trays, which may be more suitable for bigger bathrooms.

Square shower trays are particularly versatile and can fit into most spaces, while rectangular shower trays tend to work best in bigger bathrooms. Of course, some customers will want to do away with the tray altogether and opt for a walk-in shower – a great way to maximise space, regardless of the size of your bathroom.

Do you install bespoke walk-in showers?

Yes – some customers will prefer to opt for our Stimulate wet room, which makes use of level access, slip-resistant flooring across the whole bathroom. Instead of a shower tray, a drain is installed to ensure water flows away quickly. We can also install a glass screen to separate the shower area from the rest of the bathroom – a wet room offers the most accessible of bathrooms whatever the space available.

Are your shower trays all the same height? 

Yes – all our walk-in showers have ultra-low-level access, with a tray height of 26mm. This can be sunk for low level access in some circumstances, but this is checked on survey. Our walk-in baths – which can be fitted with showers – do require a small step up: at just 5 inches, our Tranquility model has the lowest door entry of any walk-in bath available in the UK.

Shower tray size guide:

Model Shape Dimensions (mm)
Stimulate Wet Room Bespoke
Enrapture Square



800-1200 x 800-1200

1200-1800 x 700-820

1400-1800 x 700-820

Restore Rectangular 1500-800
Invigorate Quadrant

Quadrant offset

900-1000 x 900-1000

1000-1200 x 800-900

Refresh Rectangular 1200-1800 x 700-820



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