How else can I customise my bathroom?

All our mobility bathrooms can be adapted to your individual needs. Here are a few options for your to consider.

Showers and taps: We also offer a choice of traditional and contemporary shower fittings and taps to suit a range of bathrooms. Manufactured using the finest materials, we want you to have a say over the finishing touches.

Wall boards, floors and tiling: Keeping up with design trends, we provide a range of tiling and flooring options. These add to the overall style of your bathroom, while improving safety and hygiene. From white marble wall boards to darker shades of African mahogany, choose from different textures and tones to complement your bathroom fittings.

Slip-resistant surfaces on shower trays: To make your bathing safer, we fit all our showers and wet rooms with slip-resistant surfacing to avoid any accidental slips or falls.

Grab bars: Stainless steel or plastic grab bars can be placed anywhere in the bathroom to provide extra security.

Splashguard and separate drying area: All walk-in showers are available with a separate drying area, and some feature a splashguard to prevent water from splashing out of the bath. This also allows for a door-free shower, improving access when entering or exiting your walk-in shower.

Thermostatic control: To keep the water at a comfortable temperature and pressure, we also install thermostatic controls within each walk-in shower. The anti-scald tap will never get too hot to touch, bringing added peace of mind.

Doors: Our walk-in shower door choices include fixed panels and sliding doors, alongside half-height doors and split-front doors for assisted bathing.

Sanitary ware: We offer both contemporary and traditional designs in basins, pedestal, toilets and bidets, with all potteries exclusively hand designed.

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