How do I use a walk-in bath?

All of our walk-in baths are guaranteed safety-proof. From low-level access, slip-resistant surfaces, grab rails and to thermostatic fillers, using a Premier Care walk-in bath is easy, safe and secure.

The securely sealed door is what makes a Premier Care walk-in bath easy-to-use. With low-level access, you can step into the bath and sit comfortably before closing the door. All of our doors are carefully designed to need little effort or strength to close or open. With over 30 years of manufacturing experience, we craft every bathroom with confidence.

Once you’re inside the tub and have closed the door, you can begin to fill it up using the thermostatically controlled tap. This feature ensures that your water temperature will remain at a safe and comfortable heat.

After enjoying your bath, you can drain the water, open the door and step out.

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