Are mobility bathrooms easy to clean?

At Premier Care, we understand that hygiene is a paramount concern for our customers – and that before investing in a mobility bathroom, you need to have some idea of the maintenance demands. Rest assured: by nature, wet rooms are easy to clean. In fact, giving your wet room, walk-in shower or walk-in bath a quick spray whenever you use it greatly reduces the need for labour-intensive deep cleans – so you can say ‘goodbye’ to hours of endless scrubbing.

Mobility bathrooms take the bother out of bathing, and with a few simple steps it is easy to keep your bathroom sparkling clean too. Here is everything you need to know about cleaning walk-in showers, wet room floors and walk-in baths.

How to clean a walk-in shower?

The best time to clean your walk-in shower is straight after you’ve used it: after each use, simply rinse surfaces with your hand-held shower – in our experience, warm water works best.

You should also apply a bathroom spray once or twice a week, giving fittings a wipe with a clean cloth to make sure they’re sparkling and free of limescale. We recommend using a clean cloth

and a normal domestic bathroom cleaner readily available in any supermarket, though a mixture of lemon juice and vinegar can be a useful natural limescale remover.

Do not use scourers or abrasive cleaners on chrome or plastics as these will damage the surface.

As the cleanliness and hygiene of your bathroom is important to us, all the safety glass on our showers has an invisible PremClear coating – which keeps mould, limescale and bacteria at bay. The PremClear coating has a 99% success rate when it comes to fighting the build-up of soap residue – so you can feel confident that your safety glass will sparkle for years to come.

How to clean a wet room floor?

We also recommend using your hand-held shower to spray the wet room floor after each use, as the hot air and water will help to loosen up any dirt that is starting to build up.

Once or twice a week, you should also clean the floor with a mop. Fill a bucket with warm water and add some bathroom cleaner, or a mixture of vinegar and baking soda. Dunk the mop into the solution and scrub the floor until it is sparkling clean.

Our specially designed safety flooring is just as easy to clean as regular wet room floors. Never use industrial strength or concentrated acidic or alkaline cleaners as these may discolour surfaces.

How to clean a walk-in bath?

As with your walk-in shower, the best time to clean a walk-in bath is straight after you have used it. After every use, simply rinse down the bath after use with clean water and clear any hair or other deposits from the plug hole.

When not in use leave the door slightly open as this ensures the door seals won’t dry and stick in place which can damage the seal.

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