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Top 6 Retirement Travel Destinations

Travelling with limited mobility is possible

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With so many incredible destinations around the world, we are spoilt for choice when selecting where to go on your next trip. Whether you are looking for a cultural city break or a tropical beach escape, there is plenty to explore.

As we reach retirement, many of us find ourselves with much more time on our hands. If you’re lucky enough to have the funds, that time can be put to good use exploring new places. With more of us choosing to travel once our working lives are over, we thought we would link up with two well-known travel bloggers who have made the most of their retirement, to get some tips on some of their favourite destinations.

Jon and Sarah from LifePart2 were from different corners of the globe and met over their passion for travel while they were both in Chang Mai. As avid travellers, they quickly bonded and started discovering the world together.

To give you some inspiration into where to next, Jon and Sarah spoke to us about some of their favourite destinations - from making the most of the hot sun and blue seas of Koh Pi Pi to discovering the majestic sights of Rajasthan. We also talk about places nearer to home, indulging in the culture and food of Rome and the beautiful Canal Du Midi in France.

Travelling with Limited Mobility

If you do have limited mobility, there are a number of things you can do to make sure your adventure goes as smoothly as possible and make sure it doesn’t get in the way of a good trip.

Book Ahead

Save yourself any last-minute panics and make sure you book as much of your trip as possible in advance. This especially includes aspects like transport where you can check their accessibility options. It also includes places to stay while you are away. Make sure they have everything you need, from accessible bathrooms to extra space if needed.

Sightseeing Accessibility

There’s nothing worse than not being able to get the full experience at an attraction you have been waiting to see. If you do have limited mobility, it is worth doing some research into what kind options they have available to assist you before you travel.

Specialist Tour Operators

There are some tour operators who specialise in helping those with special travel requirements. From complete itineraries including accommodation and transport to expert travel advice, a speciality tour company could make your travel experience completely stress free.

Map of the Top-6-Retirement-Travel-Destinations