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Download these apps for a safer easier holiday

  • In: Travel | 1st November, 2019

One of the best times to travel is during retirement. In fact, a study by the AARP found that an outstanding 97% of older people plan at least one domestic trip every year, while 45% organise frequent international ones. And this makes sense. Retirement presents ample time that isn’t hampered by major commitments. That means you can really take your time on a trip and soak up all the beautiful moments to feed your wanderlust.

In addition to that, exploring the world around you and experiencing new things does wonderful things for the mind. Jumping in a car, plane or train to visit family and friends can also help you feel more connected.

All that said, travelling, especially on one’s own, isn’t always the easiest. This is especially true if you need to factor mobility into your planning. This is where technology can really become your friend.

Over the past few years, many apps have been developed to assist those with mobility challenges, so they can travel just as easily and seamlessly as everyone else.

With that in mind, we’ve put together a list of some great apps that will help ease your holiday stress, most of which have been designed with mobility in mind.

Find my car - car locator (iOS)
Many of us have been there. Parking our car only to simply forget where we left it. What's more, if you’re in an unfamiliar town or city, making your way back to it can be confusing.  Find my car is an app that helps you remember where you parked and also navigate back to it using different tools (radar, map and Augmented reality).

Wheelmap (iOS/Android)
If you’re trying to figure out whether a location you are travelling to is wheelchair-friendly, then Wheelmap is fantastic. The app offers up information and details on venues that have been labelled accessible with easy colour coding. Green means the venue is completely accessible, red means it’s inaccessible. People using the app can also leave a review of the venue (including pictures). Cafes, restaurants, even car parks and trains all feature on the app.

TripIt - Travel Planner (iOS/Android)
One of the biggest hassles about travelling is making sure you’ve got all your documents organised and to hand. Sifting through your bag or an A4 wallet in search of that elusive ticket confirmation or reference number can lead to stress and delays. TripIt has a great and highly convenient solution. Just forward your confirmation emails to the email address the app gives you and it will store them all in one place. All you need to do is then show that travel agent or hotel receptionist your phone, and away you go.

Fuelservice (iOS/Android)
This highly rated, clever app not only acts as a petrol station finder it will also tell you which ones are accessible. Fuelservice informs you which garages have assistants on hand to support you in refuelling your car. Then, it will call up that garage to ask for their help before you arrive. Just click ‘I’ve Arrived!’ when you rock up and someone will be right over to assist you. The user-friendly app has been well received all round with some calling it ‘life-changing’.

Flush - Toilet Finder & Map (iOS/Android)
Whether you’re on the road or travelling by air or train finding a toilet, especially an accessible one, can be incredibly stressful. Flush, an app focused on finding accessible toilets can help you avoid those tricky situations. It’s great for all those with limited mobility including people with larger chairs. The information shared is in real-time and includes whether you’ll need to pay a fee or if a key is needed.

Now that you’ve got these handy apps, you can focus on moving about freely and truly savouring that holiday. Don’t forget to share all those wonderful moments you experience with friends and family.