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How Voice Search Can Help the Elder Generation

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As we grow older, new technology can seem intimidating. However, there's a reason to be excited about the ways that new technology can add to our lives as we age. There’s no reason to miss out on emerging technology just because we’re afraid to use it.

With technology that can help us with everything from organising our food shop, to reminding us to call a relative, there's no reason why we shouldn’t get on board with new tech trends.

We’ve put together a helpful list of the ways that voice search can help the elder generation get to grips with technology. That way, when you or someone you love wants to get hands-on with new tech, it won’t be so intimidated. Take a look…

Voice Search Is Conversational

Being part of the elder generation means that you probably value communication highly. Nowadays, everything is online and it seems that whatever you’re doing. Whether it’s booking a doctor’s appointment or trying to find directions somewhere, you’ll be directed online as the first port of call

Being on board with this change in the world can be really exciting, and many of us who are older are aware of the benefits that technology brings. However, when it comes to using it, you might not be as confident. This is where voice search can be wonderful.

Voice search allows older people to engage with technology in a way that they understand and are used to. Instead of having to navigate a complicated interface, that can leave you wondering ‘what is the point?’, you are already equipped with the skills they need to master voice technology.

Voice Search Increases Independence

Voice search can be an amazing way for older people to engage with technology and take control of their lives. As we age, it can seem that there are endless lists of things we need to do to look after ourselves. For example, doctor’s appointments become more frequent and ensuring basic necessities are in place becomes more essential. All the while, many of us are contending with memory and mobility issues that can slow us down.

This is where voice tech can be amazing. Instead of having to worry about planning your day, or reminding yourself to do things, with voice search you can set reminders and schedule your day using only your voice. This can be incredible for independence and mean that you are able to live without care or help for as long as possible. Plus, it helps to keep your mind engaged and lessens the feeling that you’re struggling with day-to-day life - all great things for mental health.

Voice Search Helps With Mobility

And it’s not just the day-to-day life planning that voice search assists with. It can also help people with mobility issues too. Integrating voice-search with smart home technology can help people with limited mobility to complete daily tasks without assistance, such as adjusting the temperature or turning off lights. This is an amazing way to ensure that those with mobility issues never feel helpless. Voice technology can give you control back over your life when your body doesn’t want to do what it’s told anymore.

The health benefits of voice search assisting with mobility are also great for those of us who are older. If you are able to complete daily tasks without having to strain yourself, then you’re much less likely to get injured. Voice search ensures that older people who are less mobile can do all of the things they need to do without hurting themselves in the process.

Above all, voice search can actually be very fun! It allows older people to engage in conversation in their lonelier moments and can also be used for trivia, weather updates and playing music too. In a range of prices to suit any budget, voice search gadgets needn’t break the bank and can be worth their weight in gold for the many ways that they can make your life easier.

Contact us today to learn more about how voice search can be integrated into your home. Or, you can read up on 7 innovative bathroom devices for more inspiration!