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Which product best suits your needs?

Which Premier Care in Bathing product meets your needs?

Something we are always keen to impress upon our customers here at Premier Care in Bathing, is that there is no one size fits all approach to which bathing products are best for any individuals needs. Here we go through some useful information on how our various products could help you.

It is a fact of life that the older or more immobile we get, the harder it becomes to carry out daily functions such as getting around the house or bathing. Thankfully, we have a vast range of bathroom solutions that make such tasks immeasurably easier such as walk-in baths, walk-in showers, wet rooms and bath lifts; all of which will make life easier.

With such a comprehensive selection available here at Premier Care, making an informed decision about what will suit you may be rather daunting, which is why we always recommend a free home survey to help us identify your needs and asses the practicalities. To help give you some ideas, below we go through some of our options so you can get a better understanding of our bathing products.

Haven walk in bath

Walk In Baths

The thing about bathing, is that everyone is very different indeed. Some people love baths, others showers and there are also individuals who like both. For this reason, there is a wide range of walk-in baths and showers available, all offering different features and advantages.

Walk-in baths are absolutely perfect for the elderly or for anyone less mobile than they used to be. If you suffer from a disability, one of our powered seat baths may be a more suitable option. They eliminate the problem of stepping over the side of the bath by using a sealed door with a low entry step. Also known as step in baths, these are available as a traditional full length bath or shorter seated options for those who have problem getting back up after lying down. With a range of ergonomic and comfort features which make the whole bathing experience more enjoyable.

Indeed, the older we all get, the more our bones and joints start to ache and this makes being able to have a soak in a lovely warm bath all the more crucial. If this has increasingly become the case for you, then a walk-in bath may be an ideal solution. Top of the range are the Jacuzzi walk-in baths, offering you an unrivaled level of comfort and access, though our entire range is available with a range of luxury options, such as Chromatherapy, heated seating and spa massage. If you have been suffering with any aches and pains and find bathing to be difficult experience these days, all of these features promote well-being, comfort and safety.

Rejuvenate open access walk in shower

Walk In Showers

Walk-in showers can also be a fantastic modern addition to your home and are our No1 product installed by Premier Care in Bathing. Ideal for anyone with decreasing mobility and a great replacement fitted in the space of your current bathtub or in addition if you have room. There are a number of reasons why a walk-in shower could be perfect for your home.

The benefit of these when compared to a walk-in bath is that they offer varying levels of accessibility, as individuals can simply walk straight into the shower, ideal for those who use mobility or walking aids. All of our showers come with a safe folding seat, available in both wooden and padded options. Showers can also be excellent for applying warm water to an area of the body that has been causing particular pain or discomfort.

Walk-in showers from Premier Care in Bathing also allow the user to control the temperature through a thermostatically controlled, easy to use mixer shower. This means that a safe, constant water temperature is available at all times without the risk of scolding. A unique hygienic feature of our showers is our very own PremClear and PremShield technology which reduces limescale and bacteria keeping your shower cleaner for longer.

Working with you, we always add important shower aids such as grab rails (some incorporated in soap dish holders) and these can also be easily added to any of our fantastic walk-in showers to enhance your experience and safety even further and this can transform bathing from being one of the most challenging periods of the day to being an absolute pleasure.

All of our showers use ultra-low entry, slip resistant trays without the use of runners, so if you can lift your feet over the smallest of tray lips, they will all be suitable. If this is not possible then a wet room may be the better option. Wet rooms have all the benefits of a walk in shower but use a fully sealed floor with no shower tray, meaning there is no step in whatsoever. Not only very easy to access, but also incredibly stylish and modern looking.

We have walk-in showers for every need. For smaller or larger bathrooms, wide access and also enclosures suitable for assisted showering. Speak to one of our advisors for more advice on which option may be suited to your needs or bathroom.

Versatile Mobility Products

Perhaps the best thing about all of our mobility products, whether you go for a walk-in shower, wet room or walk-in bath is the fact that all the products are completely customisable. So, even if you are concerned about a lack of space or how your installation may look at your home, speak to us so we can recommend the options most suitable for you. Although we have an abundance of information available here on our site, we can help you make the best decision about an extremely important step in your life. Of course, getting this right can make your life so much easier and allow you to get on with the more important things as we look after everything from start to finish!

So, either make an enquiry through our site today or just call 0800 280 0239. Alternatively, you can request a free home survey right away so we can help you choose the best walk-in showers and walk-in baths for you.