Low Level Shower Trays

Low level shower tray safety

Want unrivalled safety? Low level shower trays are a key feature of Premier Bathrooms’ shower solutions.

As we age, our requirements change and homes often need to be adapted to make them better suited to aid our wellbeing – especially the bathroom. Once the decision has been made to renovate the bathroom for ease of use, there are so many bathroom products and services options that it can be hard to know what to choose.

Here at Premier Bathrooms we offer complete solutions to help you update your bathroom with ease and to create a space that is comfortable, safe and relaxing no matter what your mobility needs. Stocking everything from walk in baths to easy-access showers and contemporary wet rooms, we aim to provide unprecedented advice and ideas on remodelling your bathroom to suit you.

Stylish and practical bathroom solutions are our top priority, and that’s why incorporate key safety features into each and every solution we offer. A core element of these is a practical shower tray.
Read on to learn a bit more about the key features of the shower trays we proudly incorporate into all of our walk-in shower solutions.

Low level shower tray

1. Safety

Choosing the correct shower tray will guarantee that your bathroom is a comfortable and safe space you will enjoy spending time in for years to come. The most important thing to consider with regard to the shower tray is whether it is safe and practical.
The majority of our shower trays are slip resistant, meaning that you are able to enjoy a completely safe shower experience from the moment you walk into our specially designed cubicles.

2. Height

Another reason to invest in an adapted bathroom is to improve the shower accessibility for your loved one. Check that its shower tray is height appropriate for your needs (lower is always better).  All our shower trays are ultra-low with a 40mm (1.5”) lip. In some cases the shower tray can be sunk into the floor to make it even lower, or be made to a non-standard size, and you can discuss whether either of these steps is right for your needs with one of our expert advisors. Bathroom adaptations such as a level access shower are particularly important for those who rely on a wheelchair to move around.

3. Design

The efficiency of its design is another reason to add a shower tray to your adapted bathroom and there are three main styles to consider. Firstly, there are step-in trays which are installed on top of the existing floor. Secondly, there are low level trays which remove the need to step up into your shower and finally there are level access trays which are flush with the floor of your bathroom. For adapted bathrooms, a level access tray is a good choice as it is suitable for older people as well as wheelchairs. It is also worth considering whether a shower tray frame will help to accommodate any plumbing pipes below.

4. Aesthetics

A vital reason for adding any accessory to your bathroom is that it enhances the look and feel of the space and shower trays are no exception to this rule. Once you have worked out what is the best design for you, opt for a tray that is well constructed with an easy-to-clean surface.

The majority of our shower trays offer anti-bacterial protection to reduce bacterial growth and make the process of keeping your shower area hygienic that much easier.

You may also want to choose a tray with straight, sleek lines for a modern and elegant finish that will add to the appeal of any bathroom.

5. Versatility

The versatility of the shower tray is a fundamental reason to add one to your adapted bathroom. Suitable for any shower environment, stylish, easy to maintain and available in a range of shapes, a shower tray is the ultimate addition to any adapted bathroom.

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