Escaping the Winter Weather

The Premier Care in Bathing guide to winter sun holidays

It seemed that no sooner had Christmas and New Year passed us by for yet another year that the freezing weather descended and plunged us into the customary winter blues. January and February are never nice in the UK and 2016 looks to be no different with many parts of the country already suffering from flash floods, frost and ice. Let’s face it, we may love where we are from but British winter is not kind to us over 50’s.

Some solutions to this obviously include improving our heating at home, wearing warmer clothes and hibernating for a few months, but an option that more and more people are taking is to just get away from it all. There are all sorts of warmer climes available and January and February holidays for the elderly are a fantastic idea, especially if your health depends on staying warm. For one thing, it kills off those pesky germs which have no doubt been giving us all bad chests and runny noses of late.

So, with this in mind we have put together the ultimate guide to winter sun for over 50’s so you can work out the best location to jet off to and get away from the colder weather.

winter sun holidays guide

The Canaries

Our first selection may seem predictable, but they are popular for a reason. The Canary Islands stay hot pretty much all year round and remain busy during the winter months. Despite being located in the Atlantic Ocean, which is often associated with more chilly destinations, this cluster of popular destinations is an absolute winner when it comes to holidays for the elderly.

Off the coast of West Africa, The Canaries comprises of Tenerife, Lanzarote, Gran Canaria and Fuerteventura and all of them have their own little delights. One thing they all have in common though, is pure sun. In fact, on average, these islands get over 200 hours of sunshine in the winter months and are also filled with different sights to see, meaning that not only will you be warm; you will have plenty to keep you busy!

From white sand beaches and sublime food, to riding camels and some luxurious hotels, The Canaries really does have it all and is well worth a look if you can’t deal with the bleak winter months any longer.


This location is another one nicely nestled in the warmer part of the Atlantic Ocean. Similarly to the Canaries, Madeira (you may recognise the name from the famous sugar or wine) enjoys an incredible amount of sunshine even in the middle of the winter, meaning you can visit this island at any time and be guaranteed of great weather.

A particular attraction to this island is the reasonable costs of food and drink. A visit to this island will not cost you a fortune, which is sure to be good news following the Christmas break.

If you are a fan of breath-taking views and history, then Madeira’s capital Funchal is a must see. Cable cars will transport you to see roving hills, white sand beaches and the white walled city, simply sublime. Other attractions include volcanic beaches, forests and trekking around the landscape. It beats a cold, wet Saturday in Grimsby that’s for sure. It can be hilly, so always check your hotel location if you have any walking difficulties.


A favorite with UK holidaymakers during the winter, especially for long stay holidays, Malta is a great choice thanks to its exceptional year round weather. A bit cooler and quieter than the summer months makes it an ideal time to take in some of Malta’s cultural sites and historical attractions.

There are endless things to see and do in Malta, but with a large choice of well equipped hotels, you will never be short of somewhere to relax. If you are searching for winter sun for over 50s, then this could be the ideal choice.

Prices during the winter months are very reasonable, even for longer stays and with some great deals on hotels with meals included, Malta can be a good option if you are looking to keep the cost down but still take a break from the cold weather during the winter months. Regular flights also make it easy to get to, with most of the package holiday companies offering a great deal of choice.


If the above choices sound good but you want something a bit different, then Cyprus could be another choice when looking for winter sun. Not as warm as the Canaries but similar to Malta, it has good temperatures throughout the day, but does cool down in the evenings, so keep this in mind when you pack your suitcase.

The seas are warm on this island even during January, meaning that conditions such as arthritis could benefit from some more than comfortable sea paddling. You can even visit Aphrodite’s rock, which is famous for some rather interesting reasons.

Cyprus has on average 180 hours of sunshine during the winter months, making it a great holiday destination for the elderly. For those who aren’t up on their weather, this is as much sun as we get in the month of May!

A visit to this island will mean top cuisine, walking, the amazing sea we have already mentioned, history and culture, all with sunshine. Sound good?

These are the Premier Care in Bathing top tips for hot winter holidays for the elderly, but there are many more. If you want more information you can always visit your local travel agent, but choosing one of these beautiful locations could be just what you need to escape the rain and icy winds here in the UK. Enjoy!

Photo credit: Marsaxlokk via photopin (license)