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Auto immune arthritis day

Arthritis A-Z

  • In: Health | 22nd December, 2014
View the a-z of arthritis, with links to sources within the industry. If you would like to add or edit…
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Comfort and relaxation in a walk in bath

Evolution of the Bathroom

Bathrooms have come a long way in the past century. However, they are still evolving and the future looks bright.
5 tips to ease arthritis effects

Arthritis Advice: 5 tips to ease life with Arthritis

  • In: Health | 8th October, 2014
Trying to live with arthritis can be no easy task. The diagnosis is in and now you just need the…
10 million people suffer from arthritis in the UK

Arthritis in the UK: 10 million people and counting

  • In: Health | 8th October, 2014
Your joints start to stiffen up, you can’t move as freely as you used to and you’re experiencing pain. You…
Seconds Matter Film Shooting Making Of

Seconds Matter: The Making of our National Arthritis Week video

  • In: Health | 8th October, 2014
There’s always a story – if only I’d caught that train, I wouldn’t have missed my meeting. If only I’d…
Premier Care in Bathing new website launched

Welcome to our new website!

  • In: News | 4th July, 2014
We are pleased to announce the launch of the new Premier Care website, packed with new, videos and product information.…
Low level shower tray safety

Low Level Shower Trays

As we age, our requirements change and homes often need to be adapted to make them better suited to aid…
Which Premier Care in Bathing product meets your needs?

Walk-in showers guide

Walk-in showers are growing increasingly popular with people looking to remodel their bathrooms to improve their accessibility and comfort. Easily…
Carer's hand on an elderly

Five Tips to Improve Access in your Home

With cold weather hitting most of the country, many people have been stuck in their homes and this looks set…
bathroom design

The bathroom of the future

Premier Care in Bathing has been helping our customers bathe safely for over 27 years. We've decided to take a…