How to SKI


Times are changing, today baby boomers are leading a new way of life known as ‘SKI’, Spending their Kid’s Inheritance.

Two out of three parents are spending, what would have been, their kid’s inheritance by going on adventures and not worrying about leaving a legacy. The changes of the economy in the last decade have led to this shift in attitudes. People who are near retirement are more concerned about living life to the full rather than saving their earnings for their children.

When you retire, you still have over one third of your life ahead of you. So what better way to spend it then exploring all of your different retirement options?

Here are 6 of the most adventurous ways you can SKI and ensure you have the time of your life in your retirement.

#1 Holiday Home

holiday home

A holiday home is a great way to escape from your everyday routine back in the UK, unwind and live life at a slower and more relaxed place.

A holiday home can be a great investment not just for you, but also for the rest of your family. Owning a property abroad gives your family and friends the perfect opportunity to go on holiday together in a much more cost effective way. You also have the freedom to visit multiple times a year and rent out the property to earn some money to help with the upkeep. That’s if you don’t decide to make it your permanent home.

Spending a couple of the winter months in a warmer climate has huge health benefits and can reduce blood pressure helping to reduce the risk of heart attacks and strokes. So whatever you are looking for, if owning a property abroad, is something that can help you live a healthy and relaxed life in a beautiful country with sun filled days, talk about living the dream!

#2 The Wonders of the World


Gap years are not just for the younger generations! Travelling the world and experiencing different cultures are incredible ambitions to add to your bucket list.

If you have a drive for adventure and love to live life to the full, visiting iconic sites such as the Pyramids, the Northern Lights or taking an escorted tour around Europe could make the most incredible and memorable trips of your life.

If you have the travel bug, Travel and Leisure have a great guide on how to travel without it breaking the budget!

#3 Road Trips

road trip

If you are worried about not being able to tick everything off your list, a road trip is the perfect way to achieve lots of your dreams in one round trip!

There is so much diversity to experience without even leaving the UK. See the best Great Britain has to offer through different sub-cultures, not to mention how beautiful the scenery will be, or the amount of history you can uncover throughout the UK.

The beauty of a road trip is how flexible it is. You are in full control, so you can customise your trip to suit you. Follow the history of the UK; visit different fishing lakes, nature trails or even the best driving roads in the UK. The choice really is up to you!

#4 A Best Friend

Dog on sofa chair

Once you retire you will have more time on your hands so adopting a furry friend of your choice is a great way to stay motivated and healthy.

Whether a dog, cat, rabbit or parakeet, pets give you a reason to get up in the morning. They give you a daily reason to get out of the house and stay active; and are a friendly way to meet other pet lovers. Not forgetting they give wonderful cuddles and are always happy to see you. If we haven’t been able to convince you, read more about the benefits of owning a pet after 60.

#5 Retirement Cruise



Baby boomers are testing out a whole new way of living, why retire at home when you could retire on a ship! Living on a cruise ship offers a stimulating and fun retirement, and in a warm climate with regularly changing scenery.

There are lots of different options so you can find the perfect way of living for you. Either permanently move onto a cruise ship and live in a condo, or choose a vacation ownership program where you can keep your home as a base on land but also use any flyer miles you have collected over the years to visit your apartment on the ship. If this sounds right for you, check out the different options available.

#6 Landscape and Decorate



SKI-ing is a great opportunity to start a new project! You might have more time on your hands since retiring so if you are lucky enough to have already paid off your mortgage, and you are planning on spending your next few decades in your family home, why not refurbish it into your dream property?

This is a great way to take up a new hobby, such as taking up an interest in interiors or landscaping your garden. See your home transform from design to construction and be hands on if you want to. Even if you don’t have a huge budget, getting those new curtains or a new carpet can make all the difference in your family home, and why not, enjoy yourself!

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