Internet of Things can help you at home

internet of things

Once you reach the later stages of life, navigating the way around the home can become more difficult. The internet of things can help the elderly conquer day-to-day challenges, and help support an easier and safer lifestyle at home.

The internet of things is about connecting different devices over the internet, so different gadgets can communicate with us, and each other. This means smart devices can help all of us around the home to live more safely and efficiently. As well as in some cases, removing the need to remember to carry out some common day-to-day tasks.                       

Smart home devices automate different items in the home, optimising them to your needs, monitoring and reporting all activity back to you. They can be controlled by the switch of the button or voice command, making mundane chores and routine checks much easier to manage.

Perfect temperature, all year round

Energy-saving smart devices are currently the most popular smart device being used in the UK. The Nest Learning Thermostat (3rd generation) creates a personalised heating and hot water schedule that fits your daily needs.


Many of us may worry about the price of heating and electricity, as well as keeping your house warm and ventilated so that it is comfortable to live in. Keeping an eye on your heating is something that not all of us pay enough attention to. So if you struggle to manually change and monitor your heating, or you worry about forgetting to turn the heating or hot water on or off, then a device like this may be just what you need. A smart thermostat will monitor your regular activities and modify where needed, keeping your home at the most energy efficient temperature all day long while still suiting your heating preferences.

Say goodbye to chores!

Yes, smart devices even include vacuum cleaners! Vacuum Cleaners that have smart laser navigation and Wi-Fi connectivity. As you get older, you may find you have less energy to do things and would rather spend that energy with friends or family rather than carrying out household chores.

The Neato Botvac D3 Connected is a Wi-Fi enabled robot vacuum that can manage your floor cleaning from a smartphone or a tablet. It works on every floor surface and is even compatible with pets!

The perfect companion

Amazon Echo is a fantastic hands-free speaker controlled by voice command. You can pretty much ask Alexa, the voice assistant, anything you like and she will respond. Her skills and features range from playing calming and resting music, reading kindle books, recommending food recipes, and setting reminders to take medication.

The device can also control lights, switches and thermostats making it the perfect companion for the home.

Easy-peasy deliveries

Sometimes life can get in the way and we don’t always get a chance to pop to the shops for our everyday essentials, but with Amazon Dash Buttons you can order all of your necessities from the click of a button.

Dash Buttons are Wi-Fi connected devices that automatically reorder your favourite products, the order is then sent to your smartphone so you can make any final changes and track the delivery. It’s the perfect solution to get what you need, when it’s not possible to get out of the house.

dash button

Brands such as Andrex, Finish, Nescafé, Gilette, Whiskas, and Dettol are some of the first to partner with Amazon to produce this amazing product. The dash buttons really are a great smart product and perfectly suited to help us out when we just can’t find the time, so great that can even the cat won’t go hungry!

Helping with your health

Staying fit and active is important at any age, Fitbit’s are a great way to help you monitor key information about your daily activity levels. Fitbit’s check your heart rate at the push of a button, monitor step counts, sleeping patterns, and the calories you have burnt throughout the day.

This is a fantastic device and it is easy to use. It provides accurate data about your health, and perhaps even some motivation! There are lots of modules available so you can be sure to find the right fit for you.

With a new generation of technologies and sensors being developed, this is just the start. Data collected will be more accurate and we will be able to formulate an individual’s routine with real-time updates. Health care teams will soon be notified if a patient’s condition worsens, even when they are at home.

These are just a few smart products that can help around the home. But, this new form of technology will be able to reduce the strain on healthcare, return independence to individual’s lives, and even give friends and family piece of mind.

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