5 of the best TED talks on aging

Jane Fonda at the Ted X Women Conference

#1 Your genes are not your fate

Speaker: Dr. Dean Ornish

TED views: 1.3 million

In just 3 minutes, Dr. Dean Ornish outlines simple ways that we can effectively change our long-term health by adopting different lifestyle habits. He argues that by adopting healthier habits, individuals can increase their brain cells and affect their health at a genetic level.

Dr. Dean Ornish is a leading expert in fighting heart disease by changing lifestyle and dietary habits. For example, swapping sugar and saturated fats for tea and blueberries are two easy ways to change the way our genes are expressed throughout our lives resulting in a better aging process. If you’re interested in listening to Dr. Dean Ornish visit his TED page.

#2 Older people are happier

Speaker: Laura Carstensen

TED views: 1.1 million

Laura Carstensen is a psychologist who has widely studied the effects on wellbeing on extended lifetimes. This TED talk highlights research which shows that the older people are, the more positive they become.

Studies shown within the talk, demonstrate how stress, worry and anger all decrease with age. This is an 11 minute talk, full of interesting insight about the perception of the lives, perspectives and emotions of older people.

#3 How to live to be 100+

Speaker: Dan Buettner

TED views: 3 million

This is a 20-minute talk by National Geographic writer and Explorer Dan Buetter, and looks at research conducted in Blue zones, such as those in Sardinia and Okinawa, to illustrate the key takeaways. During Dan’s talk he outlines 9 of the most common lifestyle and diet habits that help to let us live longer.

This is a great talk that really does cover everything, interested in listening to Dan Beutter? Discover his TED talk here.

#4 Life’s third act

Speaker: Jane Fonda

TED views: 2.3 million

Jane’s opening sentence begins by highlighting that “we are living on average today 34 years longer than our great-great-great-grand parents did”. Jane’s TED talk focuses on how we can make the most out of golden years, and the longer phases of our lives, by capturing what it means to be a human being.

Jane Fonda is an author, actor, exercise guru and activist. Within 11 minutes Jane successfully discusses the longevity of revolution, provides insight into the model of aging, and highlights the human spirit. If you are looking to feel inspired this could be the talk for you.

#5 How to live before you die

Speaker: Steve Jobs

TED views: 8.6 million

Filmed in 2005, this inspired talk by Steve Jobs encourages us to embrace all of life’s opportunities and dreams, no matter what age, even by facing the setbacks.

Although this is not technically a TED talk, the speech that Jobs gave at Stanford University is very inspirational. The talk is structured into 3 stories, each about Steve’s life and how he overcame any struggles and used them as an opportunity to do better. The whole speech is now on TED and is a great talk to motivate and reassure you if you are feeling slightly lost.

Hopefully, some of these talks might have inspired you, or you might have learnt something new. If you are looking to prepare your home for your golden years, here are some ways to help support an easier and safer lifestyle at home.