3 Ways to Get Your Family to Eat Healthier

Eating clean is becoming more and more important and can be key to a healthy and happy life. We take a look at how you can encourage your family to start eating better

Healthy eating

A balanced diet is a crucial factor to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It’s about eating a variety of the right foods in the right proportions. Yet, getting a good amount of vegetables doesn’t have to be a chore. Encouraging your whole family to begin a health journey can make sticking to it a lot easier and fun.

Easier said than done? It doesn’t have to be. Follow our simple suggestions to transform your family’s life for the better.   

What Are the Benefits of Eating Healthier Together?  

Maintaining a well-balanced diet contributes to your overall health. Swapping out the fast-food for fruit and vegetables not only makes you feel better right now but can also have tremendous health benefits later in life too.  

Some of the immediate advantages to healthy eating can be weight loss. Changing your diet can also have an impact on your mood. After all, you are what you eat. To keep the mood swings at bay and the happiness levels soaring, eating fulfilling nutritious foods can work wonders on your mind.  

Starting to eat healthier now can also reward you later in life too. It can lower your risk of illness, including cancer, keep your heart healthy and improve your brain functioning for more alert thinking.  

So, how do you get started?  

Understanding the importance of healthy eating can be easy. Transitioning your routine, and your family’s, can take a bit of work.  

A new routine can take roughly 21 days to become habit. You need time to adjust and become custom to your new regime. After that time is when you’ll not only be able to feel the benefits but also noticeable start to see them too.  

Encouraging your whole family to start eating better makes the whole process easier and more effective.  

Keep an Eye on Food Labels  

Kicking bad habits begins with more education. When deliberating over what to cook for dinner, don’t just opt for what you know or love. It’s time to move outside of your comfort zone.  

Food shopping can be overwhelming as there’s so much to choose from. It can be hard to know what’s healthy and what is notBeing able to decode food labels can help you choose right.  

The important thing to remember is the last thing to check is the calorie intake. Yes, we said it. Despite a certain type of food having low calories you can’t guarantee that it’s healthy for you. Instead, focus on the nutritional information. Saturated fat, total fat, salt and sugar are the top things to look out for. These can affect our weight, blood pressure, and can raise our chances of heart diseases or strokes.  

  • Saturated fats – these can be found in biscuits, pastries and butter. Too much saturated fats can have implications on your cholesterol. Low saturated fat would be 1.5g per 100g.  
  • Fats  this can be found in avocado, nuts and oily fish and are better for your health than saturated fats, yet you want to avoid eating too much. Check food labels for low fat at around 3g per 100g.  
  • Sugar  sugar is in a lot of food, often as a means to make the food taste better. Even though some products are labelled as ‘sugar free’, it doesn’t mean they really are. Look out for ingredients listed as syrup, juice from concentrate or glucose and aim for products with low sugar of 5g per 100g.  
  • Salt  this is typically added to most foods you consume regularly, like bread, but you might not realise that they have a high salt intake. Check the labels and aim for low sat products of 0.3g per 100g.  

Cook at Home  

Once you know what ingredients to look out for, you need the inspiration and motivation to make a difference in the kitchen.  

Avoid the easy option of eating out or buying easy microwave meals. Cooking a healthy dish at home will not only make you feel accomplished, but you’ll encourage your family to get involved too.  

You don’t have to spend hours to make something deliciousYou can find plenty of easy and quick recipes online that often only need one pan. For more creative ideas, why not look to join a local cooking club. Bring your family and friends along and learn new recipes and skills together. With others by your side, you can each be the encouragement you need to motivate positive change in each other’s lives.  

Eating Together Encourages Healthy Habits  

Having dinner with your whole family is not only an opportunity to have meaningful conversations and bond together, but it also encourages healthier eating. Taking the time to show the importance of dinner time instils a positive attitude in the younger individuals in your family.  

Start by having one day a week where you can all come together and enjoy meal time. After a few weeks, it’ll become of a more natural habitYou’ll appreciate spending more quality time together as well as reaping the benefits of your healthy lifestyle. So, what are you waiting for?  

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