10 wellness trends you must try in 2019


With today's fast-paced and technology-heavy daily life it's time to take a step back and make a few simple changes that will offer a considerable benefit to our wellness.

Unplug From The Digital World

Technology is everywhere and is increasingly part of our everyday lives. However, we can face technology overload and find ourselves unable to give our mind and body time to relax. Dedicate a set time each day to removing yourself from technology and if your work requires technology, give yourself regular breaks from looking at a screen. Just a few minutes away from tech each hour, building up to a half-hour each day will make a fantastic difference to your wellbeing.

Get Back To Nature

Urban living can make connecting with nature a complicated process, but we need to try whenever possible. Creating a personal relationship with nature allows us to get back to basics and refocus the mind and body. Great options are a walk in the park during a lunch break or a weekend out of the city. If these options aren't possible, try bringing plants into the home and workplace.

Think About Personal Nutrition

Personal nutrition is not a new wellness trend, but its role is changing in 2019. We are more aware now than ever before about what goes into our food and drinks.  This knowledge allows us to only choose items that are good for us. A poor diet isn't just going to affect your weight and fitness; it will change your mood and ability to operate at full capacity.

Meditate A Few Minutes Each Day

Meditation is a fantastic method of bringing calm and reflection into your daily life. The act of meditation can help restore your energy through to giving you the space to consider that burning workplace question.  Thanks to technology, specifically smartphone apps, mediation is possible almost anywhere. The commute to work is an excellent opportunity, removing you from any worries or anxieties to leave you ready for the day ahead.

Consider The Environmental Impact Of Your Actions

Wellness is not just a personal act, but one that impacts everything and everyone around you. Environmental awareness is a form of wellness that improves your surroundings while also giving you a sense of pride. Simple actions such as using your own bag and recycling correctly are small steps that will make a profound difference in the long term.

Achieving A Work-Life Balance

Balancing your working life with your personal is a subject of great interest and discussion for 2019. Non-stop working or sacrificing leisure time for your job are becoming increasingly taboo requirements. Modern workplaces offer flexible working hours and encourage you not to take work home to ensure their staff remain happy and productive. Simple steps like not checking emails on the weekend or at lunch are an easy method of setting off on the path to achieving your work-life balance.

Exercise on a Regular Basis

Exercising every day not only increases your fitness level it will improve your mood and gives you more energy. Adding exercise into your daily routine doesn't mean spending hours in the gym, it can be anything from a brisk walk to yoga in your own home.

Know Your Sleep Patterns

We all sleep differently, whether it is different lengths or needing a warm or cold room. The area that we all have in common is that we can learn our sleep pattern, and requirements, to give ourselves the best sleep possible. A good night's sleep will leave you feeling refreshed, energetic and clear-headed meaning you're ready for anything life throws at you. To learn about your sleeping habits try keeping a sleep diary and highlight factors that lead to improved or worsened sleep.

Talk About Money

Financial stress is a massive contributor to having a low level of well-being. The process of talking about money can help reduce your level of worry, this can take place with a friend, family member or industry professional. The act of talking will help the mind get a clear picture of your financial situation and reduce the worry that can come with money problems. Talking about your situation won't make you financially richer, but it will help you find a suitable next step in your journey.

The Rise of Hemp Oil

A trend that started in the US is going global in 2019, Hemp Oil set to become a significant player in plant-based well-being this year. The 100% natural product has qualities to impact many ailments positively, including inflammation, pain and anxiety. A proper all-rounder.

There are wellness trends to suit all lifestyles, but one thing that remains constant is the need to relax. At Premier Care In Bathing, we recommend a relaxing bath as our wellness trend that will never disappear. We have bathrooms to suit all requirements, with one thing in common, offering you the opportunity to treat yourself to some much-deserved personal wellness time.